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Those of us who have founded the Jeannette Rankin Foundation and others who have joined us are proud to say that her statue is installed in DC: Jeannette Rankin is a bronze sculpture depicting the American politician and women's rights advocate of the same name by Terry Mimnaugh, installed in the United States Capitol Visitor Center's Emancipation Hall, in Washington, D.C., as part of the National Statuary Hall Collection. The statue was gifted by the U.S. state of Montana in 1985.[1] For those who may not know she was the first woman elected to the United States Congress. A foundation honors her life by awarding scholarships to older women. See www.rankinfoundation.org

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Such good advice: what's put in the Rotunda stays in the Rotunda!

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Right on, Casey. Good piece. Needs a national campaign. I loved the Ericsson story.

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This essay ought to be sent to all the women in Congress. In fact, why don't I do that? Presently, of the 100 Senators, 25 are women (15D, 9R, 1I). And, of the 435 Representatives in the House, 125 are women (92D, 33R), plus 4 (2D, 2R) Delegates.

A little preface, a copy of this essay, sent 150 times (yes, even to Rep. Bobert and Rep. Taylor Green) equals probably an hour's worth of work. I'm on it.

Here the link to the names of all the women serving in the 118th Congress (2023-2025)


Let's make sure they know on whose shoulders they stand - and the tribute in their midst.

And, as always, thank you, Maura. You're just the best!

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Woman have been de-biographied and diminished throughout time. I look forward to the day Andrew Jackson is taken off the $20 bill and replaced by a woman.

It’s disgraceful how woman have been treated.

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