Mar 13, 2023Liked by Maura Casey

What made you think the male redwing blackbirds made the nests? Do ANY males (birds or humans) make nests?!

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This was SO BEAUTIFUL, somewhat like a reading from Thoreau at his pond. You have naturalist intelligence as defined by Howard Gardener in his work on multiple intelligences. You are "nature-smart".

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Maura, I love this. How perfectly timed as I'm writing a small piece about the return of Spring for my Sunday substack. I too have noticed the change in nature - a fellow woodpecker has taken nest in my neighbours tree and has returned to his familiar tap tap tap sound. The tulips my mother planted three years ago have started to push their way through the soil and bark that covers the ground. A sure way to know that Spring is just around the corner.

Another weird one...the grass has begun to grow just a bit longer and thicker! During winter I always notice it lays dormant and hence we get more mud pooles from the dogs running around. Come Spring and Summer, the grass is long and luscious, amazing to lie on and gaze around or read.

I absolutely love that you swapped bread for maple syrup with your neighbour Roger; I think it's one of the kindest and sweetest relationships to have to trade homemade goods.

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