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When I was up visiting my family in Arlington, Mass. this past spring, I was fascinated by the frenzy caused by a black bear on the loose.

Not something I was used to, growing up in the Boston suburbs.

There seems to be a trend right now with the wildlife in that area -- more of it showing up in broad daylight. Foxes, wild turkeys, coyotes. The town has been built out for decades, so no one is pushing them out of their habitat.

As for snakes ... really, they don’t want to encounter you. Learn which ones are venomous in your area and give them wide berth.

They’re free rodent control.

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I always give snakes of any size and type wide berth. Years ago I was mowing my lawn with a power hand mower and saw a snake in my path. I deserted my running mower and fled into the house. While watching the reptile out the window, I knew that it would soon slither away. It did not.

I finally put tall boots, gloves and a raincoat on and crossed the front lawn while shouting to the snake that I was coming, he should vacate the property, leave before I hurt him only to discover it was a pile of dog poo.

How relieved I was that no one else was out in the neighborhood to see my brave attempt to conquer the asp.

Keep your stories coming, Maura!


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Well done. Loved the comment about pearls in Connecticut.

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Sep 5, 2023Liked by Maura Casey

Here in South Carolina I see bear on a regular basis. They are frequently in my yard or around our development. Each sighting is just as special. They are a beautiful creature. I do worry with our three dogs, so we always check the yard before letting the dogs out. We are fortunate to have several Red Fox in the yard almost daily as well as so many other critters that inhabited this area long before we built our house.

I hope you get to see the bear again, and this time be able to snap a photo or two.

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A few things come to mind Maura, an amazing, but slightly terrifying experience! The fact that they are coming into where humans live means something is up in their world. Also bears are a powerful symbol in Native American medicine, so a wonderful sign if that's something on your radar. Either way unforgettable I'm guessing!

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Sep 6, 2023Liked by Maura Casey

I especially like the caption under the photo of your two pups!

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Feb 25Liked by Maura Casey

Was rereading this again this morning.(No idea how it popped up on my screen. I haven’t had time to read in months, and I miss you & Connie every week. I’ve never met Connie Schultz, but somehow, she makes me feel closer to home - Ohio: My grandparents, all of them long gone now, and my cousins. We lost the 1st of my generation 15 months ago.) I should have told you about bears and their legacy of healing. I need to find one to send you that has a heartline in it. A bear with a heartline is the strongest. The color of the stone in which the bear is carved matters as well. I have a 3-day reprieve from care providing coming up this next weekend. I’ll be going to a Quilter’s Festival inVA. (Some people have conventions. Quilters & handbell ringers have “festivals”.) I’ll see if I can find an appropriate bear fetish for you there. Love, Mindy

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